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Incentive Trip Head Start Promotion

Qualification Period

Option 1

Sept 1st – 30th – Global
Earn triple the points for each qualifying product pack sold to a new, personally enrolled Distributor, in their enrolling month.
Qualifying Packs: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premier, Elite 
One pack per account. If multiple packs are sold to a single account, the highest level pack will be counted. 

Option 2

Sept 1st-30th USA Market Only

1 point for the sale of an Activation + Energy Stack to the following:

  1. Enrollment order for a new personally enrolled customer or Distributor
  2. A spot order for an existing personally enrolled customer or Distributor
  3. If the Activation + Energy Stack is purchased by a new customer that is placing an order through the Friends and Family Link

Terms & Conditions

  • Option 1 Available to all markets participating in the 2022 incentive trip
  • Options 2 is available to the US only
  • LifeVantage will award points for one qualifying product pack sold, per account
  • If Multiple qualifying Product Packs are sold to a single account, only the highest level pack will be awarded points
  • All Sales must take place in September. Backdated sales will not be counted.
  • Activate + Energy Stacks cannot be purchased via CAN NFR
  • If a qualifying order is returned during the promotion period the previously earned point will be removed
  • LifeVantage may modify or cancel the promotion at any time.
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